The 8 Best Salary Calculators to Determine Your Worth (2024)


Here are the top tools to calculate your salary and know your worth within your industry.

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It’s always important to keep an eye on your current—and your desired—salary.

Whether you’re just starting out in a new industry or you’re looking to negotiate for an upcoming promotion, you want to be as informed as possible about what you should be earning.

It can be particularly challenging to do this. There’s a lot to consider when determining yourdesired salary besides the actual role itself—your experience, your skillset, the cost of living, the size of the company, and the company culture (think start-up or corporate). The list goes on.

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  • The Salary Project™
  • Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth
  • Salary Tool
  • LinkedIn Salary
  • Salary Expert
  • Indeed's Salary Tool
  • Robert Half's Salary Guide
  • Other Salary Tools

Plus, talking about salaries has traditionally been a conversation we’ve been taught to avoid, though we’re seeing a movement toward open and honest conversations about salaries.

A recent New York Times piece by Jessica Bennett explains thatmillennial women are having salary conversations with one another more often, which is a good thing. For one, it helps employees understand what they should be making compared to colleagues or other professionals in the same industry or role.

Secondly, we’ve got the wage gap to consider. According to Pew Research Center’s latest analysis of the wage gap, women make roughly 84% of what men earn. And for women of color, it’s worse:Black women earn about 63 cents per every dollar that white men make, whileLatinas make 55 cents under the same comparison.

These honest conversations have the potential to bring compensation discrepancies to light. “How can you know that you’re being paid less than other races or genders if you don’t know what your colleagues make?” Bennett asks.

All that to say, if you’re looking to calculate salary, it’s important to research. This includes speaking to colleagues and friends and taking to the internet for some number-crunching.

There are various innovative tools out there that can help you determine the number that’s right for you. They’ll help you gather salary data before younegotiate with an employer or when determining other life choices, like what to expect salary-wise if you relocate.

We’ve rounded up the top salary tools to help you determine how much you should be paid.


PayScaleis a salary calculator that provides a free salary report based on information about you. PayScale pulls data from website visitors who add their salaries and roles as well as from employers representing over 40 industries. Their data pool is large and grows all the time.

How It Works: First, PayScale asks specific questions about your job title, education, skills, location, and experience in a short survey. Then, you receive a pay snapshot that shows how your total pay (including things like bonuses and overtime pay) compares to people in the same job at a similar company with a similar background and cost of living as you.

For more information, you can also select “Learn more about your pay and benefits” for a more detailed breakdown.

PayScale also has supplemental tools to help you gain a more rounded picture of your worth, such as showing how your compensation would compare if you worked at a different company, had a different degree or earned an additional one, or were a different gender, and a cost of living calculator to help you if you’re seeking a job in a different location.

For a quick snapshot without having to enter in as much information, you can also do a quick salary search job title, company, industry, and more.

Price: Free

Great for: Getting really thorough.For their most detailed reports, PayScale requires you to go through all your benefits, who you manage, and your responsibilities before it gives you a number. PayScale also lets you plug in a job offer, which is super cool if you're interviewing currently.

The Salary Project™

The Salary Project™lets you navigate a database of over 60,000 salaries from women across the globe, to give you a personalized experience so that you can look at salary research that's relevant to you.

You can see real salaries from women working in your state, city, dream industry, current role, and more.

Rebecca Jarvis ofGood Morning America called us "one of the best resources out there [to] find out what other people in your field are making, so you know you're in the realm of a respectful ask."

How It Works: First, you’ll complete a 10-question survey about your own experience and salary. This information is added to our anonymous database and will be used to help others compare salaries as well. Then, you’ll see a personalized salary report that shows you how your salary compares to others that have been submitted to The Salary Project™. You can also complete one more quick, anonymous survey and then view the entire The Salary Project™ database, which includes thousands of salaries that you can filter through.


Great for: Seeing real salary data from women and creating a personalized report based on age, industry, job function, city, ethnicity, and more.

Youhave complete independence when navigating the database, which gives you unparalleled freedom to data in comparison to other tools.

Glassdoor’s Know Your Worth

Glassdoor has always offered salary information about companies or by position (numbers provided directly from Glassdoor users themselves), but theirKnow Your Worth tool can help you understand your potential earnings better. It provides a personalized salary calculator that gives you a “custom salary estimate” with your location, experience level, and other important factors taken into account.

How It Works:Enter your employer, location, job title, years of experience, and current salary, and Know Your Worth will use an algorithm that factors in salary reports and market trends (not counting bonus compensation) to give you a base figure you should be earning.

This tool also reveals how this figure would change if you moved to a different city or gained more experience.

Don’t like the figure? Because this tool is on Glassdoor, it’s easy to start job hunting right then and there—especially since it lists job openings underneath the results.

Also, since the figure relies on the market, make sure to check your worth often because it can change weekly.

Price: Free

Great for: The most all-encompassing, crowdsourced answer. Since Glassdoor is one of the biggest salary sitesout there, your salary is getting compared to more people in your field. Salary Tool

Salary.comhas an extensive list of all positions in a field, including required skills and—surprise—salary details. You can filter salary data by categories, industry, and income levels.Their Salary Wizard tool allows you to search via job title and compare information from their database to your own potential or current salary. It even includes benefit comparisons, average time off, bonus amounts, and cost-of-living calculators.

Since is one of the original compensation sites, it also contains a lot of great information, including an active blog and advice on all things money and jobs.

How It’s Salary Tool provides a couple of easy ways to search. You can research via job title alone, or you can enter in your own role and location and it automatically provides you a personal salary breakdown as well as breakdown of benefit options.

The official salary report includes worksheets that will help you calculate numbers that are right for you, in the event that you’re negotiating a salary or raise.

Price:Free to compare positions, $29.95 and up for a personalized salary report.

Great for:Getting details about similar positions in your area, especially if you have a common job title.We think their free comparison tool is the most helpful option they offer.

LinkedIn Salary

LinkedIn Salaryis a game-changer to the selection of salary tools. It calls upon its network of more than800 million-plus members to provide compensation insights.

It not only shows the base salary of any given job title but includes details such as stock and annual bonus. It also shows users' top paying locations, industries, degrees, and companies and highlights how company size can affect your pay.

Even better, this tool also offers a look at the future by providing details on how users can expect their salary to change based on current and future experience in the field.

How It Works:To view their compensation insights, you’ll first need to submit your salary data to their database. Then, you’ll add your skills and level of experience. Once you’ve done this, you’ll view aggregate salary information that’s specific to your position.

You’ll also be able to compare salaries for the same role in different cities, company sizes, and more. Plus, LinkedIn’s job database automatically shows you some open positions that might interest you, in the event that you’re searching for a new job.


Great for:Seeing both your "right now" salary and also how you can expect it to grow in the future. It's also helpful for calculating what to expect with other types of compensation, like tips, bonuses, commissions, and more.

Salary Expert

Salary Expert’s salary toolspull compensation and career data from the Economic Research Institute, and they boast salary data from over 1,100 industries and 11,900 jobs.

While many of their salary tools are specific to employers who are looking to set pay, they also provide options for employees who are seeking compensation data. We like their site for their quick salary comparison options.

How It Works: Salary Expert is one of the less “personalized” options, as it allows you to simply sort through their database based on job title alone. You can browse some of their most-searched job titles and instantly see an average salary, or you can enter your own job title and location in order to see a gross salary for your role specific to your location.

The graph they provide when you search via location shows an average salary for various experience levels and includes an estimated earnings graph. Plus, their cost-of-living data explains how your city compares to others in the United States.

Their site also links out to roles that you might find intriguing if you’re on the job hunt.

Price: Free

Great for: A quick comparison of salaries for roles in your area—or an idea of what to expect salary-wise for specific jobs if you need a general number.

Indeed's Salary Tool

Indeed’s salary tool and website isn’t the most intuitive, but it still provides helpful information if you’re looking for a general salary number. Browse by industry, company, or career, and you can see what to expect regarding average salary, other compensation options, cities that are best for certain roles, and more.

How It Works: Enter your job title, company, location, experience level, and any applicable skills, and Indeed will show you a graph that demonstrates what others in your role and city generally earn.

From there, you can search their pages on salaries and benefits to see a less location-specific view, including the average salary for that role in the United States, the top companies for that role, and the cities with the highest salaries for that role.

They also include a comparison tool that lets you enter two locations to see where the salary is generally the highest. With a little digging, you can find some interesting information about your position’s salary expectations on Indeed.

Price: Free

Great for: Those looking for a general idea about salary for a specific role or city. Indeed is best for college students or those who are curious aboutswitching careers and want a general overview of what compensation to expect.

Robert Half's Salary Guide

Robert Halfis known for the yearly salary guides that they compile in which they survey employers and employees from companies of all sizes across the country. They then create a national salary outlook that discusses hiring trends, like howremote work is changing the work landscape.

This guide also shows the perks and benefits that the employees surveyed appreciated the most, like the option forflexible work schedules and shortened work weeks.

Robert Half also offers a morecustomized salary guide for employees. This includes average salaries based on experience level, related positions, hiring trends for that specific role, and links to jobs that might be of interest.

How It Works: Simply enter in your email address, position, and location, and Robert Half generates a report specific to your role. This includes a salary number (and an average national number for comparison purposes) as well as location comparisons based on your specific city. Robert Half’s reports also show the current demand for people in this role, based on skill level.

Price: Free

Great for: Anyone searching for what to expect now—or in the future as you acquire more skills and relevant experience. Their tools are also great for a national overview of what’s happening with regard to job trends across the country.

Thorough salary research certainly has its place, but sometimes it’s helpful to get some quick information regarding compensation. In the event that you’re daydreaming about a potential move, or you’re wanting a general salary idea about a role that might interest you, here are some other helpful tools.

CNN Money Cost of Living Calculator

Using CNN Money's quick form, simply enter in two locations and compare what to expect regarding cost of living. Details include groceries, housing, health care, transportation, and more.

Educate to Career

Thissimple salary tool allows you to quickly enter a location and a job to see an average salary. No strings or forms attached.

The 8 Best Salary Calculators to Determine Your Worth (2024)
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