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Owning a house is undoubtedly a real goal for all of us in Project Zomboid, thanks to its incredible advantages.

The game has millions of bases in all locations. However, not all of them offer the same rewards. Thus, choosing an excellent place to build a base is an important task you must accomplish.

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This guide gives you the best places to build a base in Project Zomboid!

In Project Zomboid, the two best places to build a base in Rosewood are the gated community and the fire station. In Riverside, the ideal base locations are the farm with two houses and sheds to the northwest and the junkyard. The best places to live in West Point are three isolated houses to the north and three homes on the west side.

For long-term living in Muldraugh, our picks are the complex of 4 houses to the west, near the church, and an isolated house to the east.

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  • Best Places to Build a Base in Project Zomboid

Best Places to Build a Base in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, a house provides a safe and secure base, enabling you to build and fortify it to your liking, thus providing an extra layer of defense against the zombie hordes.

Only some of the places in the game offer the same rewards. Therefore, it’s preferable to choose the most outstanding of them all.

Setting Up The Criteria

First, we need to set some criteria for your dream house. In general, your house should:

  • Locate in the low zombie-density area.
  • Near the resources.
  • Have a massive size or floors.
  • Have the ability to accommodate multiple players and has enough resources for everyone.
  • Contain generous loot.

Keep in mind that the house should meet most of these criteria, not all.

Best Place in Each Location

In Project Zomboid, you’ll have four spawn locations to choose from. Of course, we have no idea what location you will choose, so we’ll list all the best places to build bases in all locations.

Without further ado, let’s check it out!

Best Place in Rosewood

A gated community in Rosewood is a great base location in Rosewood.

Project Zomboid – Best Places to Build a Base - Gamer Empire (1)

It comprises five houses surrounded by fences, making it a safe zone from zombies. The area is ideal for multiplayer mode, with plenty of space for farming and socializing. The forest behind the houses provides abundant resources for crafting and building.

Moreover, the distance from the house to the town center is extremely short. Therefore, travel time will never be a concern if you need to loot or search for any items.

The fire department in Rosewood is another great place to build a base.

Project Zomboid – Best Places to Build a Base - Gamer Empire (2)

The fire department is located next to the police station, which is a common place to loot guns, ammo, and weapons. The place contains pre-built fences and a second story. By using a sledgehammer, you can knock out part of the second-story wall and secure a good farming spot.

The entrances are easy to block, and there are many trees for carpentry. The urban area around it has a low zombie population with plenty of loot and garages, thanks to the close distance to the city center.

Moreover, there’s also a large parking spot, which is very advantageous for gathering as many vehicles as possible.

Best Place in Riverside

If you’re in Riverside, then the first place to build a base that comes to mind is the farm with 2 houses and sheds northwest of the location.

Project Zomboid – Best Places to Build a Base - Gamer Empire (3)

First and foremost, this farm features two houses, which can accommodate you and your friend in multiplayer mode. Both have two floors, providing ample storage space and sheds, ensuring resource preservation capacity.

The extensive farming area is surrounded by sturdy metal fences that provide good protection. Although the farm’s location is isolated, it’s still relatively close to a gas station, and it takes less time to reach the nearby river, which is an important water source during power outages.

Head towards the western side of the town, and you’ll reach the area surrounded by metal fences scattered with cars and wrecks. That’s the junkyard!

Project Zomboid – Best Places to Build a Base - Gamer Empire (4)

The junkyard is considered overpowered, and now you can build the fence, allowing you to seal it completely. Zombies can’t break the wire fence, so you’re safe when staying inside.

The only weak point of this place is the gates, but you can park a car in front of them for added protection. The location is on the outskirts, so there shouldn’t be too many large hordes, yet it’s close enough to town to make loot runs easy.

The vast empty space allows for a lot of room to build whatever you want, and several vehicles are available to level up your mechanics skill.

Best Place in West Point

Looking for a remote location to build your base in Project Zomboid? Consider the three isolated houses located to the north of West Point.

These 3 houses are ideal for long-term survival, as they provide numerous advantages. First, the region is isolated, with very few zombies around once the initial inhabitants have been cleared.

Project Zomboid – Best Places to Build a Base - Gamer Empire (5)

The house on the right is considered the best one, as it features a fireplace, water supply, and an antique stove in the cabin across the lake. The whole area offers a vast space to move around, along with indestructible metal fences that can be shot out.

The nearby dock is also a nice feature if the Yachts mod is in use, while the presence of nearby wood ensures easy carpentry.

The only downside of this place is the distance to Westpoint. Although you can just walk to Westpoint, having a car for looting and reaching other locations may be mandatory.

When it comes to finding a safe house, the good news is that West Point offers generous selections. If you want a place near the center, but it also meets all your requirements. Then check out another 3 houses place.

Project Zomboid – Best Places to Build a Base - Gamer Empire (6)

Located on the west side of the town, this is one of the few locations in the game where you can survive the longest.

Within seconds of leaving the house, you can deeply hide in the forest area nearby, or mess around the water’s edge, making this location great for someone who likes foraging and fishing. Not to mention that living near the river provides an infinite water supply.

In the other direction, you’ll find it easy to access the local school to get several skill books and backpacks.

Moreover, this location isn’t far from West Point’s main shopping center, where you can loot and get essential stuff to extend your survival. On the way to the center, there are lots of two-story houses, all of which have garages for plenty of common and industrial loot.

However, this location’s only downside is the distance to the nearest gas station, so you should pick up more fuel or save your resources.

Best Place in Muldraugh

Muldraugh has a moderate zombie population, so choosing isolated and protective base locations is advisable.

Our first pick for a place is the complex of 4 houses west of Muldraugh, near the church.

Project Zomboid – Best Places to Build a Base - Gamer Empire (7)

One of its advantages is the ample access to wood, which makes it easy to construct and reinforce buildings. Additionally, the area is far from heavy zombie concentrations, which can benefit those looking to avoid large-scale attacks.

The small storage facility located across the street and the warehouses across the way also provide ample space for storage and looting. Another perk of this location is its close proximity to a forest lake, which can be a valuable resource for water and fishing.

However, it is situated in the south corner of town, making it a significant distance to travel to reach the other side of the map. Additionally, there are no 2-story houses in the area, limiting your options for fortification.

As the game progresses, the area can also feel too isolated, and you may find that you need to venture into town to find new challenges and resources.

Next, let’s move outside of town!

You’ll see an isolated house when you keep moving to the east of the town, which already has a built-in fence around it except for a small entrance, making it very easy to defend. Just level up your skill and build a gate so you’re completely safe inside.

Project Zomboid – Best Places to Build a Base - Gamer Empire (8)

Although it’s a one-story house, which is small and does not have a lot of room for farmland, it’s still a good choice since you can make a crop in the middle of the forest and protect it with wooden or metal walls.

The location is too close to the forest, where you can quickly level your axe skill or craft some furniture. Running out of water will never be your concern, thanks to the small pond to the north.

Locating on the far outside of the town, the only downside of this place is the ease of access to the city. Getting to stores or facilities in the middle of the town takes you more time than in other sites, but it’s worth compensating for the peace of mind this location gives you.

Those are the best places to build a base in Project Zomboid!

Have any suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.

Project Zomboid – Best Places to Build a Base - Gamer Empire (2024)
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