Cursive f – How to Write a Lowercase f in Cursive (2024)

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Cursive writing is a slowly dying art, but we hope to help keep the cursive alphabet alive. While more schools are choosing not to teach cursive to their students, we hope to provide a place where anyone interested in learning how to write cursive letters can easily find resources to do so. If you happen to be homeschooling your kids, this is also an excellent resource to help them learn to write the cursive alphabet. We’ll be learning how to write the cursive “f” on this specific page although you can look at the sidebar to find how to write any lowercase or capital cursive letter that you’d like to learn.

If you were taught how to write cursive in elementary school, you were likely taught how to write D’Nealian cursive. D’Nealian cursive is the style that we teach on this page and website as it’s the most commonly taught cursive font at schools in the United States. The cursive “f” that we’re teaching here is D’Nealian cursive. There are, however, many other cursive fonts that exist that span from basic to complicated which are just as correct as D’Nealian cursive. One of the great things about cursive is that once you get the hang of the basics, you have the opportunity to add your own flair to your writing and make the cursive uniquely your own.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “f”

When it comes to cursive letters, the cursive “f” is one of the more difficult cursive letters to write and master. Part of the issue is that it looks quite different from a printed “f” and the writing stroke is also quite different. There are also a number of mistakes that those first learning to write the cursive “f” make. In other words, you’ll need to practice the cursive “f” a bit more than many of the other cursive letters to get it correct. It’s quite important that you understand the correct way to write the cursive “f” and to know about the incorrect mistakes beginners sometimes make so we created a video on how to write a cursive “f” that details both. Spending a bit of time watching this video before you try to write a cursive “f” should help quite a bit and make it easier to master it in the long run.

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Having watched the video on how to correctly write a cursive “f” should put you in a good position to begin writing the letter on your own. We suggest that you do so in conjunction with the video to make sure you’re doing the entire stroke properly. Grab a notebook and writing instrument and play the video again, but this time following the cursive “f” stroke in your notebook as the video plays. It may seem a bit strange at first, but you should begin to get the feel of it if you repeat it while watching the video a few times. This will also help you avoid getting into a habit of making the mistakes most often associated with writing a cursive “f”.

If you are having any difficulty writing the cursive “f” freehand with the video, you may want to download and print out the cursive “f” worksheet that we’ve created that you can find below. This will give you lines to trace when writing the letter and in combination with the video, it should make it quite clear how to write it correctly. The worksheet will also give you the opportunity to practice writing the cursive “f’ without the video when you have spare time. In the end, it’s going to take some practice to get good at writing the cursive “f” so it’s important to realize this and not get too frustrated when first attempting to write it. The more you’re willing to practice, the quicker you’ll ultimately master the cursive “f” so that you can move onto even more cursive letters.

Try one of the worksheets

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If you’ve found the cursive “f” worksheet and video helpful, we hope that you’ll tell others about this resource so they can learn cursive as well. We’d also be interested in hearing from you about any ideas or suggestions you have that you feel would make this page on learning how to write a cursive “f” better. Our ultimate goal is to help people enjoy cursive writing in a fun and entertaining way. Your suggestions can help us continually improve this page so that it’s the best it can be.

Cursive f – How to Write a Lowercase f in Cursive (2024)
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